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FAQ: Richard Siegal

What is your inspiration when you do choreographies?
One distinction that can be said is that there is choreography that originates in predetermined music and choreography that does not. But even prior to this is the inspiration I take from the dancers and other collaborators I work with.

What was the inspiration/starting point for the work you show at DANCE?
Ballet of Difference is missioned with creating new narratives for the times in which we live. This is first and foremost reflected in the composition of the group. These dancers are all exceptional, all radically individual, but all possessing of a commonality. It is both the commonality and difference of the group that suggests a way forward for ballet.

My Generation by Richard Siegal Dancer Matthew Rich Photo ShokoPhoto

Do you prefer dancing on your own or together with
other people?

I have been studying dance for 30 years. In this time my needs have changed again and again. At the moment, I
prefer dancing in a room where other people are dancing as well. I find clubs particularly meditative.

What do you like better: the performance or the rehearsal?
Performance. That said, some of the finest performances I have ever seen have been in the studio with no general public.

How do you prepare for rehearsals? Do you come with a detailed concept/score or do you develop while improvising?
I always try to start with the composition of the group. This
is the lion's share of creativity from which an infinite number of works may emerge. In parallel, I do what I can to enter the room each day in a state of acute responsiveness.

In your work: what is the body? (And where is mind?)
The more I work with the body the less distinction I make between the two. 

* special question: What is so different about the Ballet of Difference?
Ballet of Difference is endeavoring to create a repertoire that recognizes the cultural,
lifestyle, gender, and aesthetic differences of its ensemble. In this sense BOD represents
and encourages progressive, ethical tendencies in our society such as tolerance, diversity, and inclusion.

Richard Siegal

Richard Siegal © Luis Alberto Rodriguez

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